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Emma Harper | Psychosexual Somatics® TherapistEmbracing Sexual Living

Each of our lives are potentially short and precious. The capacity to live life fully, in a harmonious and connected relationship to the world around us, includes a need to connect with and deeply appreciate our own bodies, the wholeness of our partners and the broader ecosystems we inhabit.

Our bodies are the container for our Life-Force Energy. Our tolerance for holding and working with this Sexual Energy determines our capacity for passionate living, sexuality, creativity, our sense of aliveness and the drive to transform and participate in the world in a collaborative way.

Healthy systems are able to connect

Many of us, sometimes without our awareness, experience life events which create a traumatic residue in our systems, bypassing the natural neural pathways that allow for connection, intimacy and sexual satisfaction, whilst prioritising more base survival behaviours.

The experience of Trauma causes us to contract into more more protective/reactive parts of the brain, limiting our capacity to experience the deepest levels of intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal connection and to hold healthy relationships with ourselves and others. 

There is the possibility to unlock your body from it's learned patterns of reactivity and contraction and to mobilise yourself to a fuller expression of the awesomeness you truly are.

Your Sexual Self wants to be seen. Dare you take a glimpse at your true potential?

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Sexual history assessment

How we show up in Sex reflects how we show up in Life. This session is where we look under the bedsheets to explore your patterns and goals. All treatment programmes start here with a 1 ½ hour personal assessment.

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