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Sexual Integration


Integrity is a state of being where we are whole and undivided. Integration happens when all the different parts of us start to co-ordinate rather than working in opposition to each other.

When we are integrated we have more energy.

Sexual Integration happens when we connect the dots between all the fragmented aspects of ourselves, put the past in the past and allow our hearts, heads, guts and genitals to communicate with one another and make decisions that feel really good both in the moment and the morning after.

When we integrate an aspect of our sexuality and the body lets go of its need to hold and protect us against the perceived perils of our aliveness we not only release the connected Eros energy that has not been available to us until now, but we also release the tension and effort our body-minds have been putting in place to hold split-off parts of us away in the unconscious and in our physical holding patterns.

We are gifted with the capacity to hold more energy. We open up, we breathe deeper and we let more life live through us.

In therapy we integrate the system so you experience persistent change.

Healing comes from the powerful combination of Heart Empathy, Safety, Cognitive Understanding, Physical release and the Allowing of Erotic energy back into the system. Healing doesn’t have to be hard work. In an environment of non-judgment and great enthusiasm, we can make space for your natural healing mechanisms to do their job so you can save your energy for the bedroom.

The idea is to help you to step into full agency, developing the skill and power to avoid giving in to others and to find and express the "deep yes" from inside your own being.

The ability to integrate change is what makes Psychosexual Somatics Therapy (PST) stand out from many other modalities. We dose change into the nervous system in way where it can remember and repeat new ways of being consistently. This modality is arguably the most efficient route to consistent sexual transformation available in the world today. It's new, it's cutting edge, and it's incredibly potent.

In PST we give you shiny new shoes to go out and explore new territory and a map to get safely back home on your own.

Living in Sexual Integrity

When you are in Integrity with yourself you have choice. You are not subject to the cries and demands of the most terrified and vocal aspects of your unconscious mind. You experience a deeper level of clarity, love for and peace within yourself and you develop the capacity to create experiences for yourself and others where you can play, learn and grow.

Integration is a ongoing process for all of us to continue to explore. The more we resolve inner conflicts the more we keep expanding. Each level of expansion opening a world of unforseen potentiality in our lives.

Maintaining Sexual Integrity then becomes a practise and ongoing inquiry, for those who enjoy where it takes them.


"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen.”