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Accessing trauma and attachment-informed support with your sexuality can be challenging in many geographical areas due the lack of informed professionals in this new field. Working online affords many of the benefits of face to face work achievable before body-work is required.

Your feelings matter and you deserve to thrive no matter your life circumstances.

Online Coaching sessions are available as additional support to in person Psychosexual Somatics Therapy (PST) clients, those who are unable to reach my clinic in High Wycombe England or those commited to exploring their sexual expression without ready for the added intensity of hands-on work. 

For PST clients, online coaching between sessions can support gaps in treatment, international travel or a growing sense of self-reliance. For online-only clients session frequency can be tailored to your personal pacing with sessions as frequent as once per week or up to 1 month apart to suit. All clients will be advised to create themselves a support network through the treatment process.

We maintain the intention that you develop the expertise to self-manage your own nervous system.

PST is all about empowerment. I want to support you to understand how your body is reacting and responding to the world around you and the environments and relationships you place yourself in so in time you can begin to develop more self awareness, better boundaries and more choice about how you express and take care of the precious body that carries you through life.

There is a lot we can do remotely and I do my best to maintain myself as a therapist in order to best support the open, accepting and skilled environment your system is needing to step back into itself, into regulation and into healthy erotic expression. Just show up as you are and we'll walk step by step together with shared intention.

You gain confidence and learn to let-go of self-judgment, developing trust.

I offer a safe, non judgmental space to be heard speaking the truth of your sexual experience and finding the powerful inner resources you need to make meaningful changes in your life. Doing this work gives me a sense of purpose and meaning. When you're ready to make changes and be supported in that i am here.

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"Emma is an excellent and compassionate listener. She uses her extensive learning, experience, and focus to help me get clarity about what's going on for me and to make suggestions.  She is so curious and very self aware.  She brings humility to every encounter."

Desiree Banzha