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Personal Evolution Programme

Therapeutic Packages

Discounts on pre-booked treatment packages |£900 | Allow six months

Purchasing your full treatment plan up front gives your system and mine the poetntial to relax deeper into the relationship and strengthen the healing potential that comes from the sense of financial and relational safety.

Your are clear on your priority for this work

Therapeutic packages allow you to plan for and save money whilst booking ahead to provide a programme structure for your treatment

All packages start with a Sexual History Assessment (£150) and, if you are suitable for ongoing treatment, a package can be constructed to take into account your geograpical location and preference for balance between the more intensive face to face sessions and online coaching.


Option 1: 5 x In-person Psychosexual Somatics Therapy sessions. £900

5 x 2 - 2.5 hrs face to face (session length may increase from 2 to 2.5 hours as therapy progresses dependent on the individuals capacity and pacing for processing)

(value £1,100*, saving £200)

 *Based on an average of 3 x 2hr and 2 x 2.5hr sessions


Option 2: 3 x In-person Psychosexual Somatics Therapy sessions and 4 x Online Coaching. £900

3 x 2 - 2.5 hrs face to face

4 x 1 hr online

(value £1,050, saving £150)

  *Based on an average of 2 x 2hr and 1 x 2.5hr sessions


Option 3: 10 x Online Coaching. £900

10 x 1 hr online

(value £1,000, saving £100)



Your body leads the healing process and I maintain the container to facilitate your re-integration.

In these programmes we move through your trauma and into remembering your bodies capacity for joy and connection. As with all treatments, your body and nervous system defines the pace at which we move; sometimes you may feel stuck, other times you may experience rapid expansion. The fastest transformations happen when we apply the slowness, gentleness and patiece we didn't receive as children, with a little gentle guidance and some permission to be the erotic being that you naturally are.

Are you ready to step into a deeper experience of wholeness, pleasure and Self-leadership?

Prepare to step into a bigger version of yourself


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"Experiencing with Emma as my psychosexual somatic therapist is strong feeling of being held, seen and supported in my healing process. I feel safe and supported with Emma to trully express my emotions and feelings. She has strong empathy and I adore her body intuition to help me to connect to myself and listen to my body and dont let me to escape. I can hardly explain how good it feels when she hold safe and powerful space for me to guide me to release blocks and integrate part of myself I was rejecting. It is life shifting work we do together (for each other). Thank you Emma for your great work. I look forward to more release and more integration with you."

Barbora Koblizek, (Tantric Masseuse and Fellow PST Therapist)