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Towards Freedom

Reclaiming your Sex

Your Sexuality is exactly that: yours. It's your body and your choice what you do with it. In therapy we hold that principle right from day one, ensuring you retain agency for your body and your own choices. 

Attaining Integrity in your Sexuality gives Freedom in your life.

The goal is always that you have more knowledge about yourself and more choices in how you behave, in and out the bedroom. You always stay in charge and I'm simply here to serve you in your evolution. 

I want to make a promise to you: If you can identify and correct a pattern of unhelpful behaviour in your Sex and Intimacy you will be on a fast-track path to correcting that pattern in your everyday life and you will be astounded at the freedom that opens up for you and the shift you experience in your experience of existing.

Everything shows up in the bedroom. Everything.

As your therapist I create the conditions where your body heals itself.

Throughout the course of therapy, together we become detectives, deeply curious about your patterns and behaviours, the wisdom of your body and it's survival structures and we gently coax your system to let go of what no longer serves you and to re-open channels of communication allowing you to feel more alive, safer in your vulnerability, more Sexy and ultimately more You.

You bring your agenda and a commitment to personal sexual growth and expansion and I create the container for your evolution: expertise in human psychosexual neurology, an environment of deep listening, safety, presence and non-judgement, and a pair of magic hands in case we need them.

All PsychoSexual Somatics (PST) sessions are backed with BGI insurance and I remain under Supervision with and supported by a counsel of the world’s leading Psychosexual Somatics Therapists, plus in ongoing Continuing Professional Development, so you’re in many good hands, and most importantly your own.

You are the Captain of your own journey.

We don't spend long together because we don't need to. I'm not interested in your business for the long term. I'm interested in your Freedom.

I'm interested in you going back out into the world and becoming a force to be reckoned with, a force for change on a planet that so desperately needs healthy, conscious and heart-centred leadership.

I'm interested in your fullfilling your potential and having loads of crazy hot sex and deep intimacy to support you on that journey.

My heart holds yours only as long as it takes for you to fully hold yourself.

Is PST right for me?

"The body is our soul made visible, plus our history."
Mike Lousada, Founder of Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy