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Opening Times

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Clinic Times

  • I operate an online practise via Zoom Mondays,  Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 9.30am and 6pm plus Friday mornings from 9.30am

Further information

  • I am not currently operating an in-person clinic. For pre-existing clients available to travel to Derbyshire and wanting in person or bodywork sessions these can be discussed upon request.
  • Psychosexual Somatics Therapy sessions are recommended at a frequency of once every 2 weeks.
  • I recommend Internal Family Systems sessions weekly or every two weeks.
  • All online sessions are 1 hr, except the Sexual History Assessment or 90 minute sessions by prior arrangement.

About Emma

Psychosexual Somatics® What to expect

It's really important, when choosing who to work with, to find someone that's a good fit for you so you can really relax into the process knowing you'll be safe to be fully yourself and to express the parts of you that are wanting to be integrated and coming to therapy/sessions.

If we've not met, or even if we have, please reach out for a 15 min free consultancy to discuss your personal circumstances and feel into whether we are a good fit to work together. If you want more information about me, read on.

Here's a little about me so you can start to feel how I land with your system.

I'm an IFS (Internal Family Systems) informed PsychoSexual Somatics® Therapist, Sex Educator and Women's Sexual Empowerment Facilitator.

I've come from a white, middle-class background, working for years in large corporations and businesses in finance and environmental management roles. I've struggled to work through and overcome the physcial desensitisation, masculinsation and disempowerment that our culture has inflicted on my body and my potential and now I've re-oriented my intelligence to try and do something to support the changes in the world that feel important to me.

For me these changes include the liberation particularly of feminine sexuality, power and intelligence. 

I've dedicated my life to understanding the psyche and the bodymind, especially in the contect of sex, relationships, environment and spirituality, to understand what's needed to reconnect us to the source of our power and to implement the gifts of that expression into a world that needs leadership, collaboration, vitality and restoration,


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"Curious, compassionate, wise, and enthusiastic are words I'd use to describe Emma.  I've been so blessed to know her and to evolve in her presence.  I'm grateful for her many contributions to my aliveness!"

Yum Van Vechten