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Sexual History Assessment

Sexual History Assessment

Pre-treatment Diagnostic Assessment
90 mins Consultation

PST Embodied Sexuality

Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy

Embodied Sexuality
Online Sex-Focussed Therapy

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems

Harmony and Self Leadership
Weekly or Bi-Weekly Therapy

Practioner Consultancy

Practitioner Support

Mentoring and Guidance
Refining your Practise

Workshops and Events

Workshops and Events

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Transformational Programmes

Transformational Programmes

Group Sexual Development for Women

Guided Change and Holding


Creating Transparency in Practise

How Much Experience do I Have? 

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As a career changer I have moved from a career in Finance and Business, with experience in Corporate Environmental Management and Reporting, into the realms of Trauma Healing and Personal Therapy.

I am finding and continue to find more balance, connection and meaning in my life through my own professional and personal work and hope to support others to make meaningful changes in their own lives.

However, I did not start out as a Therapist, take a Masters or PhD in Psychotherapy or Counselling and I am not overseen by a Registered UK Body such as the BACP or COSRT currently. Perhaps one day I will chose to be.

My practise has developed through Certified Training Programmes, Supervision, Mentorship, Hands-on experience; both as a client, as a therapist practitioner and as a group leader, plus countless books, podcasts, conversations and workshops.

I get good at what I do because of the relationships and learning with my clients, professional colleagues and friends and my own system.

As I continue my own journey deepening my competencies I wish to make transparent how much hands-on experience I have working professionally in this field.

As at 1st Jan 2024

  • 2003 hours of Individual Therapy, Coaching or Mentoring
  • 70 hours of Couples Work
  • 63 hours of Group Facilitation

They say Mastery comes at 10,000 hrs of practise. At that point I’ll probably write a book. Until then I remain humble to the learning process and dedicated to offering something helpful to those I have the privilege to work with.

Please remember, when starting personal work that your practitioner, therapist, coach or mentor is a guide, there to help you learn to heal, parent and protect yourself and to enjoy healthy relationships or manage difficult ones. It's your perogative to find a practitioner that resonates for you and whom can help you grow. Looking for the right experience, training or qualifications is part of that process, as is personal style and preference. It's ok to walk away from something that doesn't feel right and there is value in seeking qualified and supervised support. Regulatory bodies provide a lot of reassurance for some clients and some insurers will insist on them. Your psyche is precious. Trust your instincts.



Celebrating Nature and our Essential Nature

Funding Reforestation through Clinical Donations 

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I'm delighted to announce that, since Covid, for every therapy session conducted, 5 trees have been planted by means of a donation to my nominated Charity Treesisters: a feminine reforestation movement. As much as our bodies need to breathe and heal, so do our Forests. I have now reached my target of planting 10,000 Trees (Sept '23) and will be looking to close this chapter of my contribution and to orient some funding to a new cause, which will be announced later this year.

Trees donated to plant at sites of significant ecological impact as at Sept 2023: 10,000 Trees

Note: On 1st November 2022 Treesisters migrated their donation platform to Just-Giving and have subsequently removed the Tree Count so I have been counting it manually since then. You can make a donation direct to my new fundraising page here at any time until I remove this page and close the fundraiser. I have revised the target from an overall Tree-count target to a £4,000 target total donation, which will equate to approximately 10,000 trees and the number of trees planted post Nov 2022 has been transferred to an estimate based on a 40p cost per tree planted, which has now risen to 45p per tree.

A heartfelt thank you to all my clients for supporting me to make this positive and meaning contribution to global environmental restoration. Go us! 

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Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy

Embodied Sexuality | Online Sex-Focussed Therapy

Journey from a mental understanding of your circumstance into the deep intelligence and aliveness of your body; developing body awareness, emotional resilience and ultimately the release of traumatic tension.

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I offer both Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) sessions depending on your preferred modality for and readiness for journeying with yourself and your sexuality.

A Sexual History Assessment is required prior to treatment to assess suitability for therapy/sessions, get clarity on your desired outcome and inform the ongoing treatment approach that's right for you.

For those of you who are already working in a professional field, sexuality based or otherwise, I offer Practioner Consultancy to support you to hold safe space for sexual healing with your own clients and to protect yourself energetically in the process.

For experiences in groups, in person or online please check out my Workshops and Events (I do very few of these currently) and my Transformational Programmes, two areas of service I anticipate to grow in time as appetite builds for healing sexuality alongside others in safe and intimate settings.

Internal Family Systems

Harmony and Self Leadership | Weekly or Bi-Weekly Therapy

I've been working with Internal Family Systems as a practitioner since 2020 and highly recommend this modality to those seeking support in any area of their life. Using IFS, in time you can experience deep internal connection and compassion plus the skills to become your own therapist and a more delightful person for others and yourself to be around.

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Sexual History Assessment

Pre-treatment Diagnostic Assessment | 90 minute Consultation

Your History shapes you. This session is where we explore your patterns and goals and the ways your system has learned to relate to your sexuality in order to survive. All treatment programmes start here.                                                                          

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Practitioner Support

Mentoring and Guidance | Refining your Practise

Sexuality can be a rewarding yet challenging area when working with clients. Whether you're a Sexuality Professional, Coach, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, or Bodyworker it's critical to be understand the relational and trauma dynamics that can arise when sexuality enters the room. Get clear what you need to avoid sticky situations.

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"I have come out of it a changed woman. I have dropped the old stories of something being wrong with me and that I am not sexual. I am able to stand in my power and in the sexual energy without always wanting to run away from it."


“ I still want to work more on it, to uncover more of me that has been in hiding for so long. But I will be doing the work in the knowledge that I am not broken or frigid, I am not any of the labels I have been called over the years. I am a healthy, sexual woman who chooses when and with whom she wants to share that energy with. I know now that my sexuality is not always connected to someone else, that I am a sexual being in my own right and that it doesn't have to include anyone else. That is a revelation for me!" 


Louise Merrick; Mother, Writer, Women's Sexual Expression Programme 2019 Graduate