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What to expect during Therapy?

What to Expect

Psychosexual Somatics ® therapy works to integrate the lost connections between the mental, physical and emotional elements of our human experience. There are lots of different ways we might support the awakening and mobilisation of your body intelligence in any session depending on where you are in your process and in relation to your body on that day. Session elements detailed here.

Psychosexual Somatics ® therapy works to re-wire the nervous system, evolving from our trauma-based, unconscious, reactive behaviours, towards more consciousness, choice, agency and capacity for being relational and for experiencing pleasure in our everyday lives.

Expect to learn to sense and be informed by the intelligence in your body and to get in touch with truths and a capacity to act in the world which may impact your close personal relationships.

There is no typical session. Everyone is Unique. There is a Model underpinning the work we will do together.

Elements of the work may include:

  • Psychotherapeutic techniques.
  • Sensate tracking.
  • Reflecting and clarifying,
  • Exploring the relational field in the therapy space.
  • Regulatory exercises.
  • Deep tissue bodywork and myofascial release.
  • Boundary work.
  • Breathing and movement explorations.
  • Gentle, compassionate holding.
  • Supportive Touch.
  • Grounding Practises.
  • Shaking.
  • Visualisations.
  • Emotional processing.
  • Embodiment work.
  • Parts or Mini Character work

All clients will undergo a Sexual History Assessment to ensure suitability for treatment plus, if bodywork is appropriate, an exploration of your boundaries, in order that we understand your patterns and can be confident of your ability to remain in agency, in vocal capacity and in your own body during touch therapy.

Expect to safely explore your growth potential.

Expect to be comfortable, relaxed, in choice at all times as to the direction of therapy, to be guided into the wisdom of your body, taken gently into the uncomfortable places and guided safely to the other side.

Psychosexual Somatics ® Therapy is based on a model centred around 5 key developmental stages and their impact on the development of our psyche. During sessions I will share information with you, as appropriate, that helps you understand the inner workings of your bodymind in relation to this framework and to normalise your experiences of yourself inside and outside the therapy space.

Therapy will support the client between states of deep relaxation / down-regulation and mild activation, just enough to allow what wants to be given some attention to reach the surface, gently and safely.

Expect to be sitting, standing, lying down, talking, crawling, dancing, growling, silent, crying, trembling or laughing. Whatever needs to happen is welcome in the space. Your vulnerabliity is welcome in the space and will be treated lovingly and respectfully.

Emotions are welcome. Sexual Energy is welcome. All parts of you are welcome.

What may feel unusual or uncomfortable to be expressed in front of others is welcomed in the therapy room, which becomes a safe practise space for bringing yourself more fully as we work together to expand your range of emotional and erotic tolerance. What you discover in therapy can be taken with you back into your daily life.  From there you'll need some time to be with this more expanded version of yourself and to practise discernment in your relationships as to where these new parts of you are safe and welcomed or where you might need to make changes or step up your self care to protect their integration into your system

Our intention is Embodiment and Expansion.

The focus of the work is around embodiment, tuning into the emotional and physical sensations of the body, as this is where the potential for healing and integration waits to be expressed. As such, and unlike traditional talk therapies, I will support you as client to step away from story-telling and to drop into the body's expression, although a cognitive frame for the experience is maintained at all times so that your analytical parts can understand what's going on and your mind is kept in the loop. Over time the dominance of your decision making and personal expression could move down the body, less heavily oriented to thinking and more oriented to Intuition, Gut feel, Compassion and Eroticism.

Difficult feelings will be felt in a safe and managable way, touching them just enough that they can inform you of what's been unfelt and support you into choices that are more accepting of your whole self and not just the culturally acceptable parts. 

I'm not here to here to “fix”you, because you don't need fixing. I'm here to guide you back into connection with yourself. Your body will do the work and set the pace.  I'll keep reminding you to trust yourself and to relax into and to allow your own process.

"Working with Emma was a wonderfully nurturing and empowering experience. I'm really grateful for what she taught me about my body and sexuality. I was amazed by the variety of techniques that Emma used to help me understand my body and mind. I've learnt things about myself that have helped me in all areas of my life, not just the bedroom!” 

Miranda Bloodworth