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I’m passionate about Intimacy: about fully expressing ourselves, enjoying our bodies and exploring connection to ourselves and others in ways that feel safe and fun.

Our bodies form the container for our Life-Force Energy, Eros; that which fuels our personal expression, sexuality, passion, creativity, and drive to transform ourselves.

Healthy bodies want to connect

Many of us, without even being aware of it, experience life events which create a bypass to the natural neural pathways that allow for connection and also for great sex. We call this Trauma.

The experience of Trauma causes us to contract, limiting our capacity to experience the deepest levels of intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal connection. 

Getting curious about your Sex is a key to discovering the hidden patterns influencing your life.

Are you open to relaxing a little bit more and seeing what happens to your sex?

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2019 (6 month) Women's Sexual Expression Programme

Playful, sexual expression is a critical component of good mental and physical health.

Sadly western culture rarely cultivates a supportive environment for healthy sexual expression and development, especially for women.

Have your sexual experiences ever been physically or emotionally painful? Do you regularly feel disappointed or let down by sexual partners? That your unspoken needs and desires are dismissed? Or your pleasure neglected?

This 6 month program will support you to come back into loving connection with yourself in such a way that you can develop the tools to create the kind of sex you want, with the kind of people you want to be having sex with, when you body wants to have it.

Are you ready to identify and heal any limiting intimacy habits, take back ownership of your body and reclaim your right to healthy, heart-warming sex?

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Sexual history assessment

How we show up in Sex reflects how we show up in Life. This session is where we look under the bedsheets to explore your patterns and goals. All treatment programmes start here with a 1 ½ hour personal assessment.

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