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Internal Family Systems

Harmony and Self Leadership | Weekly or Bi-Weekly Therapy

I've been working with Internal Family Systems as a practitioner since 2020 and highly recommend this modality to those seeking support in any area of their life. Using IFS, in time you can experience deep internal connection and compassion plus the skills to become your own therapist and a more delightful person for others and yourself to be around.

You've heard of Internal Family Systems and want a Sex-positive space

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Your Self leads the healing process and together we build your capacity for Self Leadership.

In these sessions we navigate the nuances of your personality to reveal the deeper truth of you that lies beneath it. We'll develop an understanding and love for your avoidant/protective system, no matter how confusing or frustrating those behaviours might be for you at times, and we'll go back in time to rescue the young vulnerable parts of yourself that your personality is so desperately configured to protect or keep hidden from the world.

Bringing more Self Energy to your life you'll find yourself able to navigate the complexities of life and love with increasing ease and self and partner acceptance. You'll learn to listen internally and make conscious self-serving and pro-social decisions about key life occurences that support the best interests of your system and relationships at the pace you're ready to move.

Bringing together my capacity for acceptance and encouragement of sexual feelings and energies, with the skill of the IFS protocol, I provide a safe space for all your parts, including your sexual parts, to come out of the closet and step into the limelight of your love.

Prepare to fall in love with yourself and your vulnerability.


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"Emma has a safe, grounded and beautifully heart-centered presence. She welcomed all parts of me into the space; the tender, the crazy, the angry, the sexy, the sleepy, the powerful...the full spectrum of being human. She has a lot of wisdom across different modalities and her approach integrates mind, body and spirit at a pace that my psyche was ready to open to. During our sessions, I was particularly thankful that she had an understanding of sexual energy/life-force energy and an awareness of the spiritual awakening process." 


Eshana Spiers