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Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy

Embodied Sexuality | Online Sex-Focussed Therapy

Journey from a mental understanding of your circumstance into the deep intelligence and aliveness of your body; developing body awareness, emotional resilience and ultimately the release of traumatic tension.

Supported, you'll expediate your systems capacity for Neuroplasticity: the reorganising of Synaptic connections.

Psychosexual Somatics® therapy (PST) integrates trauma through joining the dots in fragmented cognitive, emotional and somatic (body) experiences, allowing the past to be fully integrated and stored away in the bodies memory systems. By updating your body that it's safe to come back into connection, it can turn down the dial on trying to control the outside world, tap into unrealised feelings and intuitions and begin to exert more power and influence in the world in healthy ways. By having new experiences of safe and healthy connection, whilst in your power and in your body in the therapy space, you can learn the skills to stay in contact with yourself and your sexuality and then bring those gifts out of the therapy room and into your daily life. A lot of this work can be done without any physical contact with the therapist, although supportive touch, holding and physical vibration may be introduced at later stages of treatment, where that is appropriate.

Change at the Somatic Level takes time to integrate.

Sessions are around 2 to 4 weeks apart to allow time for integration of the therapy experience. Experiencing oneself in relation to one's sexuality in new ways is a profound experience for most people and learning to continually live without the impact of shame, fear and performance anxiety takes a little getting used to. The length of treatment varies dramatically from one person to another and can be tailored to suit your needs. Many sexual issues can be resolved in 5- 6 sessions. Some people take longer. For others a few sessions is enough to open a doorway into an understanding of what wants doing that might preceed a fully committed decision to do the work at a later stage.

This work can be somewhat demanding, asking clients to be open to the possibility of major shifts in relationship structures, old habits and limiting beliefs about oneself. It's important to step in aware that you're entering a vortex of change and to resourced for the journey ahead in the various ways we can do that for ourselves.

Sessions of PST are limited to a maximum of 10 per client, where bodywork is involved, in order to prevent psychological dependency and to support the development of personal agency and sexual sovereignty. In person sessions are recommended at 2 hours each and sessions conducted online will be limited to 60 minutes aside from the 90 minute initial assessment.

You'll leave more open, powerful and self-aware. 

What you chose to do with your new connection to your body is up to you and the opportuntities are endless. What's important ultimately is the recognition of your unique and critical contribution to the world we live in and that you feel empowered and supported to bring yourself and your sexual essence out into the world and into your relationships, at your own pace.

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"Emma has a very compassionate heart and a strong sense of empathy, both of which she uses to lovingly support clients to drop more fully into their bodies. She is open-minded, non-judgmental and can safely hold space for many states and experiences and help clients ground and integrate different aspects of themselves. She is an excellent PST practitioner and I warmly recommend her."

Mike Lousada, Founder of Psychosexual Somatics Therapy