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Who is Therapy suitable for?

Psychosexual Somatics Suitability

Psychosexual Somatics ® works at a deep level with material that has been suppressed into the unconscious and stored in the body. Integration of this material can be life-changing and also intense for the body and psyche to process. It is not suitable for all people at all stages of their life and should be considered carefully on an individual basis.

This therapy is for you if you've done personal work before and take responsibility for yourself and your life.

Psychosexual Somatics ® Therapy (PST) is particularly suitable for people who are looking to understand themselves at a deeper level, increase in consciousness and resolve sex and intimacy issues.

It's great if you're in a reasonable state of health, functioning sufficiently to hold down employment or study and to relate with your friends and family without major obstacles.

It's great if life is generally good and you're open to improvement, perhaps finding aspects of life a little stressful or lacking in meaning and simultaneously experiencing a desire for a more fulfilling and enjoyable sex life.

This work is for men, women and everyone in between, regardless of sexual orientation or gender classification. This is a safe space to explore being fully yourself and what you really need to be fulfilled sexually. Members of a couple would be seen individually.

This therapy is not for you if you're medicating yourself heavily to cope with life.

Psychosexual Somatics ® is not suitable for people who are completely disconnected from their body or feelings, with a poor sense of self, with current addictive behaviours, psychiatric diagnoses (including anorexia), highly medicated or with long-term depression, pregnant, with high blood pressure, heart disease, infectious disease, in an unsafe living environment or homeless, who have just had recent surgery or who are not resourced and supported outside the therapeutic space to deal with the changes they will undergo.

The recommended minimum age for this therapy is around 25 years old.

This therapy is not suitable for pregnant women.

It's very suitable for women after the birth of their children to support the body to rebalance after birthing stress.

As Psychosexual Somatics ® is relational it’s also critical that both client and therapist feel safe and comfortable to work together, with neither too strong a positive or negative attraction between them.

"Working with Emma was a wonderfully nurturing and empowering experience. I'm really grateful for what she taught me about my body and sexuality. I was amazed by the variety of techniques that Emma used to help me understand my body and mind. I've learnt things about myself that have helped me in all areas of my life, not just the bedroom!” 

Miranda Bloodworth