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Client Responsibilities

As a client I understand my responsibilities are to:

  • Ensure I am suitable and resourced for therapy and am engaging with open awareness that I am stepping into a transformational process.
  • To ensure there are financial resources in place to complete the course of treatment i am opening myself to
  • In the case of PST Therapy, undertake a Sexual History Assessment session, prior to developing expectations for ongoing treatment, where all relevant medical and sexual history will be disclosed in order to inform suitability for this type of therapy and your personal treatment approach.
  • In the instance of IFS sessions, be open to the principles of IFS and to engaging with myself as a system of Multiple Parts
  • Hold a positive intention for myself for engaging with this healing and development process and build trust in my own capacity to heal my relationship with myself.
  • Be responsible for my own experience, speaking up for my needs or the direction I’d like to pursue in a session
  • Name anything inside or outside a session that is impacting my sense of safety and capacity to feel present to the session, including dynamics in the therapeutic relationship, where I feel safe to do so.
  • Honour Emma’s Self-care and communication boundaries between sessions and social distancing during and after the therapeutic relationship.
  • To read the Payment and Cancellation Policy and adhere to the financial boundaries for the work. This includs payment at the time of booking and  payment in full for sessions missed or cancelled within 24 hours of the booked appointment.
  • Create space in my daily life after sessions to follow through on actions arising during sessions which support my systems healing and in particular to make space to conduct check-ins with any vulnerable parts of myself that were contacted.
  • Notify Emma of any additional Therapeutic relationships I enter into
  • Honour my body at all times, making sure to allow any movements, sounds or emotions that want to mobilise where that feels like a new possibility
  • Be gentle and patient with myself through the process, giving myself time
  • Remain free from drugs and alcohol before and during sessions (and ideally directly afterwards)
  • Make a note of and notify Emma, where relevant, of any difficult feelings or reactive behaviors that arise in response to a session.
  • Set up a safe space where I will not be interrupted, and using a laptop or desktop computer (or large screen) for any online sessions.
  • Be open to my own transformation and creating a transformation in the ways I relate with others.
  • To be open to the possibility of feeling pleasure and aliveness throughout my body and to experiencing significant positive shifts and expansion in my personal agency, power, potency, sexuality, self-expression, connection, needs attunement, trust and all aspects of my experience, perceivable and unperceivable at my current stage of consciousness.
  • To sign the appropriate Consent for Treatment form as provided in the Client Downloads Section of the website, after my initial Sexual History Assessment in the case of PST. 

"Emma has a safe, grounded and beautifully heart-centered presence. She welcomed all parts of me into the space; the tender, the crazy, the angry, the sexy, the sleepy, the powerful...the full spectrum of being human. She has a lot of wisdom across different modalities and her approach integrates mind, body and spirit at a pace that my psyche was ready to open to. During our sessions, I was particularly thankful that she had an understanding of sexual energy/life-force energy and an awareness of the spiritual awakening process." 


Eshana Spiers