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Client Responsibilities

  • To undertake a Sexual History Assessment session, prior to developing expectations for ongoing treatment, where all relevant medical and sexual history will be disclosed in order to inform suitability for this type of therapy and your personal treatment approach.
  • To engage in Psychosexual Somatics Therapy only once the information on this website has been read and understood, when you deem yourself suitable and ready, and provided there is an excitement to commence the process.
  • To sign the Consent for Treatment form as provided in the Client Downloads Section of the website after the initial Sexual History Assessment is complete. 
  • A commitment to addressing the intention for the therapy whole-heartedly, including any home practises agreed with the therapist. This will likely include daily practise
  • To ensure there are sufficient resources outside the therapy space to support you during the journey, such as friends, family or a loving partner who are made aware that you are going into therapy and what intentions you are holding for yourself.
  • To read the Payment and Cancellation Policy and adhere to the therapists financial boundaries and requests as part of the treatment programme. This includs payment at the time of booking and  payment in full for sessions missed or cancelled within 24 hours of the booked appointment.
  • To ensure there are financial resources in place to complete the course of treatment.
  • To ensure there is sufficient time and space for self-care and continued integration of any physical changes in the period immediately following each session.
  • To take responsibility for oneself and one’s sense of safety at all times and to raise with the therapist, in session, anything that feels uncomfortable, trusting that that honesty is welcome and important.
  • To trust oneself to express fully any feelings, sensations, emotions, actions or thoughts that arise during the therapeutic session.
  • To respect the therapist’s personal boundaries and be prepared to deal with what arises emotionally if this does not meet your own expectations.
  • To open yourself to the possibility of feeling pleasure and aliveness throughout the body and to experiencing significant positive shifts and expansion in your personal agency, power, potency, sexuality, self-expression, connection, needs attunement, trust and all aspects of the human experience, perceivable and unperceivable at your current stage of consciousness.