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Mentoring and Guidance | Refining your Practise

Sexuality can be a rewarding yet challenging area when working with clients. Whether you're a Sexuality Professional, Coach, Psychotherapist, Counsellor, or Bodyworker it's critical to be understand the relational and trauma dynamics that can arise when sexuality enters the room. Get clear what you need to avoid sticky situations.

There is no more important time that now to support clients to get in touch with their sexuality.

Many practitioners are experiencing a growing surge of clients bringing issues around their sexuality to sessions as the cultural disconnection and supression from our vital life-force energy reaches a global climax. You may feel excited and partially resourced to progress supporting these issues and also experience a natural and healthy fear about engaging in the unknown, especially with opposite gender clients.

Understanding what might be motivating your clients, or yourself, in the client space when sexuality is on the table, is a critical part of keeping everyone safe whilst we learn as a culture how to handle and accept more of this powerful, natural energy. 

Clients expression of sexual feelings and experiences can also be triggering at times when we've not yet integrated and explored these urges fully in ourselves and so I offer supportive mentoring space for heart-centered practitioners looking to expand the space they hold into one that's as inclusive for sexuality as it is for other forms of mental or physical wellbeing.

Sessions are available, on request, for those qualified or certified in any mental, physical, emotional or spiritual healing discipline.


It's natural to feel shame, fear or vulnerability when clients are bringing their own into the room. 

Tapping into your Somatic Countertransference and Body Intelligence becomes your ally when working with Sexuality. It's all about empowerment, vulnerability and above all safety. I want to support you to understand how your body is reacting and responding to the client in front of you and how you can ease their system and orient their intention back to their own disowned power, putting in place healthy boundaries and yet honouring desires for connection and erotic feelings.

Learning some simple and important tools and techniques to navigate the transition from your regular practise to the inclusion of sexuality in your repetoire could help build your confidence or refine your desire for further professional training. 

Please note I'm not a qualified Psychotherapist or Supervisor and offer mentoring at face value from my own experience and personal healing journey. I may add formal qualifications to this area in time.


You sense check your own experience and motives and move forwards as a healing catalyst in the world with confidence.

I offer a safe, non judgmental space to be heard speaking the truth of your experience and finding the powerful inner resources you need to make meaningful interventions  with your clients. Supporting the transition to a world where sexual feelings and powerful movements of energy are considered healthy and natural and we can all live in agency with how we mobilise that energy to express our gifts and deepen our relationships gives me a sense of purpose and meaning. When you're ready to make changes to expand your confidence and sphere of influence I am here.

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"Emma is an excellent and compassionate listener. She uses her extensive learning, experience, and focus to help me get clarity about what's going on for me and to make suggestions.  She is so curious and very self aware.  She brings humility to every encounter."

Desiree Banzha

"I felt so seen, heard and supported with Emma as my PST mentor, I cannot recommend her enough. She has a gentle and caring presence combined with intelligence that feels very unique. She helped build my confidence and empowered me to trust my instincts" 

Alakina Mann, PST Coach