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Transformational Programmes

Group Sexual Development for Women| Guided Change and Holding

I’m passionate about Women's Sexual Leadership, Sexual Expression and Enjoyment. When I feel the energies rising I take a cohort of passionate women on a journey into their bodies and into their sexual power. Join us if you dare!

You are someone who has an interest in moving towards empowering sexual expressions.

You may have a history of trauma, abuse, loneliness, addiction or despair when it comes to relationships. Perhaps everything has been "fine" and you're simply longing for more, or a vixen already on the path of personal sexual empowerment.

Each of us comes with our own story and each of us carries gifts for the world through the experiences we've lived through. Discover your gifts and reclaim your body, as a woman, as a sexual being, and as a critical member of an impacted and challenged society. Step up and take action from amongst the hoards of women who, like you, know life has the potential to be more EROTIC, but don't know where to start.

I’m passionate about the challenges of being a woman in a world where Sexuality is always present and rarely spoken about.

Join me in an exploration of all the ways we've learned to cope in our bodies as women and shake them off whilst we unlearn survival stragegies and learn the healthy embodiment of power, pleasure and passion. You are not alone in your challenges, although your story will be uniquely yours in it's glory and it's tragedy.

I support Women into greater capacities for leadership, for intimacy and for heart-centred transformation.

The 2020 programme planning is on pause due to current climates. If you have a burning desire to join a programme please get in touch with me to let me know who you are, where you are and what you're wanting, and with enough desire and momentum from enough women we'll see what can be co-created.


Together we create something new that has a positive impact on those around us.

It's a privilege to be able to work on ourselves psychologically and sexually. If you have the drive and resources to do this work, you're amongst only a handful of people globally with the luxury to do so and so I honour your commitment to making a change and making a difference. If you need some support to get back in your body, so you can get on with doing what you came here to do, I'm here to help in the ways that i can. I'm a passionate believer in the transformative power of a group container that can hold us safelywhilst we rediscover what we've disowned in our selves. Passionate witnessing, shared knowledge and experiences, demonstrations of personal resilience and vulnerability. You'll know when you're ready to be held.


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"This course has gently but deeply shifted things in me that have been holding me back for many years. I was able to let go of the old stories I have been telling myself and others about who I am as a woman. Emma held the space with such a unique presence and genuine love and compassion for us as individuals and as a group. This means we could really trust each other and connect much more deeply. I felt so held and safe and have learned so much and met the most amazing women who I will stay in touch with forever. "


"I am sad it is over... If you do offer anything in the future I would love to hear about it. . I also want to say that my one to one therapy sessions were the best I have ever had." 


Louise Merrick; Mother, Writer, Women's Sexual Expression Programme 2019 Graduate