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10 questions the Covid-19 pandemic teaches us to ask that we should always have been asking about our Sexual Health

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When lives are on the line our priorities change and our senses and emotions heighten.

We are asked to take care of the delicate ecosystem that is our own physical body.


A real sexual education?


No-one teaches you how to navigate Tinder, one-night stands ,the fact your rational brain switches off when you get horny or how to tell someone you like that you have Herpes.

Here are 10 questions you might be asking in this Covid-era that you should always have been asking of your sexual partner/s.

1. When did you last get tested?

2. What were the results?

3. Who have you been in contact with since you were last given a clean bill of health?

4. What was their viral health status at the time you interacted with them?

5. Who else had they been in contact with between being tested and being with you?

6. What protection did they use?

7. What type of contact did you have with them and did it involve protection?

8. Who else will it affect if we get together?

9. What does it mean for us ongoing if we connect physically now?

10. What type of contact is safe and ok for us and what are our boundaries?

What do you need to know? Here’s the beginners guide on how to take ownership for your Sexual Heath.

Get to know your partners genitals and sexual history

Trust your body, your desire, your sense of smell and your intuition.

Things people often overlook:

Towards Sexual Health

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