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Sexual History Assessment

Sexual History Assessment

Pre-treatment Diagnostic Assessment | £150 | Allow 1½ hours

How we show up in Therapy is how we show up in Sex. This session is where we explore your patterns and goals and the ways your system is keeping you safe in your disconnection. All treatment programmes start here.                                                                          

We understand how you got to where you are today.

Psychosexual Somatics Therapy (PST) is a powerful blend of modalities designed for rapid embodiment. It’s not suitable for everyone and it’s important we spend some exploring the events that formed your current sexual expression. The Sexual History Assessment allows us time to lift the lid on your psychosexual patterns and history and start to diagnose your core wounds and avoidant behaviours to see how best you can be supported to achieve the outcome you are wanting for yourself.

We get clear on what's right for your ongoing development.

PST is a relational therapy and safety of both the practitioner and the client are paramount and this is where we check in with our compatibility and your suitability for ongoing treatment. It might be the start of a journey we take together or it might deliver insights that redirect you elsewhere for appropriate support.  Either way...

You leave with a new level of clarity for your emerging sexual self.

Where does your Sexual Self want to take you?

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"Emma has a very compassionate heart and a strong sense of empathy, both of which she uses to lovingly support clients to drop more fully into their bodies. She is open-minded, non-judgmental and can safely hold space for many states and experiences and help clients ground and integrate different aspects of themselves. She is an excellent PST practitioner and I warmly recommend her."

Mike Lousada, Founder of Psychosexual Somatics Therapy