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Sexual History Assessment

Pre-treatment Diagnostic Assessment | 90 minute Consultation

Your History shapes you. This session is where we explore your patterns and goals and the ways your system has learned to relate to your sexuality in order to survive. All treatment programmes start here.                                                                          

We understand how you got to where you are today.

In this session your sexuality and your sexual history will get some attention. We'll spend time together to clarify your goals and then look at the life circumstances and relationships that have led you to your current state of circumstances, your beliefs about yourself and the challenges you are facing.

Looking at your Psychosexual patterns and history, and tracking your bodies responses in the therapeutic space we can begin to understand and hypothesise how your system is currently wired in relationship to relationship.  

We get clear on what's right for your ongoing development.

From this place we can determine the right treatment approach for you, supporting you back into your body and into right relation with your sexual function. This might include a course of Internal Family Systems sessions to build your sense of Self (the guiding part of your Psyche that will lead you through your Psychosexual transformation), or it might be appropriate for you to transition immediately into Psychosexual Somatics Therapy if your sense of Self is already well developed through previous personal development and embodiment work and your next stage of development lies deeper in the body intelligence.

This is also a critical space for developing the practitioner to client relationship and feeling into how we work and relate together, ensuring that both parties feel safe and excited to engage in ongoing work which will require trust, dedication and commitment to your personal healing intention.

You leave with a new level of clarity for your Emerging Sexual Self.

Whether or not you chose to engage in ongoing support, this session is designed to offer reflections and safe space for your Emerging Sexual Self to begin to realise itself and what's really wanting to be seen and healed in the next phase of your evolution

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"I worked quite intensively with Emma over a period of 6 months or so. I found her to be a practitioner of great depth and empathy. Her ability to find just the right gesture, the right word, the right moment to say nothing at all, allowed me to go very deep into my inner processing of trauma from my past. During the time that I was under Emma's care I release some of the biggest trauma wounding patterns of my life. I can honestly say that I am a different person since i completed this work with Emma. I feel that I have my life back. You are very lucky to find this wonderful practitioner. She has a very great capacity to hold you in your process, if you are willing to do you own work"


Karin Probert