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Funding Reforestation through Clinical Donations 

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I'm delighted to announce that for the last 3 years, for every therapy session conducted, 5 trees hae been planted by means of a donation to my nominated Charity Treesisters: a feminine reforestation movement. As much as our bodies need to breathe and heal, so do our Forests.

Trees donated to plant at sites of significant ecological impact as at 30th Nov 2022: 7244 Trees

On 1st November Treesisters migrated their donation platform to Just-Giving and have subsequently removed the Tree Count. You can make a donation direct to my new fundraising page here at any time. I have revised the target from an overall Tree-count target to a £5,000 target total donation, which will equate to approximately 12,000 trees and the number of trees planted post Nov 2022 has been transferred to an estimate based on a 40p cost per tree planted, which may change over time. I will try to keep track!

A heartfelt thank you to all my clients for supporting me to make this positive and meaning contribution to global environmental restoration. Go us! 

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"I have come out of it a changed woman. I have dropped the old stories of something being wrong with me and that I am not sexual. I am able to stand in my power and in the sexual energy without always wanting to run away from it."


“ I still want to work more on it, to uncover more of me that has been in hiding for so long. But I will be doing the work in the knowledge that I am not broken or frigid, I am not any of the labels I have been called over the years. I am a healthy, sexual woman who chooses when and with whom she wants to share that energy with. I know now that my sexuality is not always connected to someone else, that I am a sexual being in my own right and that it doesn't have to include anyone else. That is a revelation for me!" 


Louise Merrick; Mother, Writer, Women's Sexual Expression Programme 2019 Graduate