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Celebrating Nature and our Essential Nature

Funding Reforestation through Clinical Donations 

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I'm delighted to announce that, since Covid, for every therapy session conducted, 5 trees have been planted by means of a donation to my nominated Charity Treesisters: a feminine reforestation movement. As much as our bodies need to breathe and heal, so do our Forests. I have now reached my target of planting 10,000 Trees (Sept '23) and will be looking to close this chapter of my contribution and to orient some funding to a new cause, which will be announced later this year.

Trees donated to plant at sites of significant ecological impact as at Sept 2023: 10,000 Trees

Note: On 1st November 2022 Treesisters migrated their donation platform to Just-Giving and have subsequently removed the Tree Count so I have been counting it manually since then. You can make a donation direct to my new fundraising page here at any time until I remove this page and close the fundraiser. I have revised the target from an overall Tree-count target to a £4,000 target total donation, which will equate to approximately 10,000 trees and the number of trees planted post Nov 2022 has been transferred to an estimate based on a 40p cost per tree planted, which has now risen to 45p per tree.

A heartfelt thank you to all my clients for supporting me to make this positive and meaning contribution to global environmental restoration. Go us! 

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