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"Emma's attention and skill over the last six months as a mentor and PST therapist has allowed me to feel safely held, seen, heard and respected through the process of our work together. Her being a mentor throughout my training was a major resource to me. I experienced her energy as boldly protective. Fiery and strong, yet compassionate; she has an amazing ability to understand a variety of experiences in a very open-minded way. She helped me to slow things right down and to get me to feel what was going on for me beneath the surface. 

Emma taught me to hold my own in identifying behaviour that was not ok and to set boundaries within my life that have proved to be so transformative for me. Her creative and playful energy also assisted me in forming a deeper relationship with my body in a way that lifted some of the heaviness I had been experiencing.

I am deeply honoured to have had Emma as a support during a monumental time in my life. Thank you Emma!


Sofia Panayiotou, PST Coach and Energy Work Practitioner